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How does the “no cost site survey” work?

We’ll visit you at the site of your corporate or special event, discuss your artistic desires and inspect the electrical power, possible rigging positions, locations for special lighting effects, truck parking, cable run pathways, technical concerns, etc. We’ll present creative ideas based on realistic budget options. And yes, the survey visit and quote are free.

Is your lighting service expensive?

Although we have the resources to do large scale productions, we can also create dramatic lighting looks with budgets starting at $1,500. Small and medium size events create fantastic opportunities for stunning lighting. And the important bottom line is that we respect your budget and stay within it, no matter what it is.
What if I’m not exactly sure how lighting could dramatically improve my event?

Perhaps you’d like to explore some ideas with us, free of charge? Our job as lighting designers is to paint for you a visual picture of how lighting would dramatically impress your event attendees, your audience, and your V.I.P.s. The way we do this is to meet you, learn about your goals for your event, and use our photo galleries to help you visualize how unique your event could look. We can also render 3D illustrations for you as a high-level design option. It's a fun and creative process working together.
Are you a “corporate” lighting company or a concert touring company?

Please see our corporate photo gallery. We have a huge amount of experience in the specialty area of corporate events, where micro-attention-to-detail is critical. Every cable carefully dressed, all lighting instruments low profile and quiet, crew professionals dressed properly and with mature, professional demeanor. Our concert touring experience is a unique additional advantage over so-called “corporate event only” companies, because we add the creativity and technical skill of national concert tours to our already huge experience in corporate and special event production.
What if there isn't anywhere to hang lights?

Oh . . . you'd be surprised at how creative we can be at solving technical issues. We can custom configure specialty clamps to attach lighting to tent poles, stair railings, pipes . . . or we can floor mount them, or we can put them up on low-profile 12” x 12” footprint towers, etc. It's our job to solve those technical problems for you, and that's why we survey your venue site for free.
Do you do Lighting Designs?

Theatrical lighting creativity runs in our blood. Design work is quite frequently included free of charge as part of our services.
What if I already hired a freelance Lighting Designer?

We pride ourselves on our personal attention and technical support to freelance Lighting Designers.

Is that amazing picture of the Chicago Marina Towers for real?

We used the Showgun, a 100,000 lumen color-changing, pattern-projecting instrument to light the Marina Towers. It's the same instrument we used at Cellular Field for the White Sox and on the front of the Merchandise Mart. The instrument is so powerful, it will color change low-flying clouds in the sky.

Do you do equipment rentals?

Absolutely. With 24/7 technical support.
Do you do equipment repairs?

Absolutely. For any stage lighting product you may own.
Do you sell stage lighting equipment?

We represent all of the major manufacturers.
Do you accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex?

All three, no problem.
Do you accept Monopoly money?

We can do that if you also trade us Boardwalk and Park Place with 4 hotels each.
Can you provide video, sound, staging, pyrotechnics, lasers, generators, union labor or any other related technical support that I might need for my event?

Of course! We provide “one stop shop” and “worry free” service. Our rolodex is deep, from 2 ½ decades of production management, corporate event, and live production touring experience. We can provide production management assistance in any area you would like.
Do you provide Lasers?

Not only lasers, but ray guns and teletransporters as well! All kidding aside, we can provide you with state-of-the-art lasers, pyrotechnics and all types of special effects.
Do you provide stagehand labor?

We have, over the years, earned the trust of the professionals at Chicago IATSE Stagehand Union Local #2. We can do all of the legwork, negotiating, planning and site supervising for you, as well as all of the extensive bookkeeping post-show. We can do the payrolling for you at non-union venues as well.
Do you do club and venue installations?

Yep. And we’ll conduct an extensive site survey with you, provide creative ideas, and prepare your quote free of charge.
Are you hiring new employees?

We take great care of our full time professionals, with excellent pay, medical and retirement benefits, great training, flexible scheduling, and a “family” personal-attention atmosphere. But we'll admit that you have to be motivated by a desire to do your best at all times, with a “can do” optimistic attitude, as well as be someone who loves to learn and enjoys being friendly. If you have those qualities, let’s meet and get to know each other.

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